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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

27 wk Dr visit

I got to take the wonderful Glucose test this morning... I PASSED! Not that I was worried but I sure didn't want to give up my sugar. My appt went just great Jack is measuring a week ahead of what they are thinking and I am going to have another sono in a few weeks so they can double check his size. I do have to start taking iron because my level wasn't where it was suppose to be. I will go back in 3wks and then from there it will be every 2wks...I can't believe I am this far a long already.

We have finally started construction on Brody's room..LOL!! The carpet has been removed and the walls are getting painted. We have decided to keep the hardwood floors so we have some sanding to do. My plan is to have his room done by mid May but it isn't looking so good unless Josh really gets moving! We are still working on potty training and of course like every kid he has his good days and bad days. Brody can officially count to 10, spell his name and point out his name if we write it down. I have enrolled him in Pre-School at Open Door Baptist and he will start July 21st ... he will go 2 days a week for 5 hrs. I am so excited for him to be around other kids his age. We are also very excited for Easter this weekend. I can not wait to watch him hunt for easter eggs!!

Summer is right around the corner and we can not wait to get outside!! My sister is FINALLY moving home this summer for good. We are very excited she will be back and will be able to spend the summer with Brody since she has those wonderful teacher hours!! That's all for now ...