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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The results are in ---

IT'S A BOY! We are very excited...I do have pics but my computer is messed up and I can't download them... BUT trust me I saw it from several different angles and he is for sure a boy...he is measuring about 5 days ahead of what my expected due date is ... so per sono July 6th is my due date and per Dr. July 11 is my due date ... I hoping early of course. When I had my first sono with Brody he was measuring the same as this one is so it may mean I am going to have another BIG boy!! YIKES ....Dad seems to think he gets to name him so this could be interesting...last I heard he wanted Vlad for a boy name...he is nuts... I like Eli, Waylen, Jackson, Marlen..... Josh really liked Jackson when Brody was born so he may go back to that this time too we shall see...whatever the name is I am sure it will be interesting.

Brody also had an xry of his stomach this morning ... they wanted to make sure he wasn't constipated vs. a mass ... so the results came back constipation .... which just blows my mind because he is very regular...so we are on apple juice, apple sauce, apples...anything to get it out...I know just what everyone wanted to hear..LOL!

Hopefully I will get some pics on here soon!