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Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy weekend

Josh was off work this weekend and we seemed to be on the go. Brody realized how many great friends he is going to have!! Saturday we went with our friends to see Elmo they have a son that is 3mths younger then Brody his name is Myles - Brody doesn't really know who he is so we weren't really sure how well it was going to go. Well he LOVED it... he was dancing and laughing it was great. He crashed on the way home from all the excitement. I
Sunday I had a playdate with some great friends who I don't get to see as often as I think all of us would like - I miss you girls!! We met at McDonalds in Bonner so the kids could play and we could chat. It was a great time.. Gavin will be 3 in March and his favorite song is "I had a bad day" ... we had him sing it and it was the funniest/cutest thing I have ever heard he didn't miss a beat! Reese will be 4 in August and is the leader of the pack she is our little mom of the kids and the only girl - she is as cute as can be. Dylan is the same age as Brody and between the two of them we were running all over the place. I wish I could have stayed longer but of course we had super bowl plans as well. So after the playdate I headed home to get dad so we could get on the road....we had a LONG drive to good ole Gardner, KS to see some cousins! We were hoping Brody would stay alseep once we got there but of course that didn't happen. They have a little girl Kinley that is 3mths younger then Brody with the exact same personality as him...stubborn, hard headed , always up for a challenge and wanting to do anything she isn't suppose to do. Brody and her just had a BLAST together. They were fighting over toys, hugging each other and tackling each other - we have got to get them together more often. Since we got there early we decided to play a game called Farkle...it's a dice game... well the kids were suppose to be taking a nap but we ended up getting them up after an hour of both of them screaming for mom and dad... we trapped them in / as mike would put it we put them in jail..lol(not really people) so we could keep playing our game...at one point we looked down there and Brody had on Kinley's crown and then he wanted to give it to her and he was trying to put it on her it was hilarious.... of course as soon as Steph broke the camera out they stopped... then we looked down at another point and they were hugging and Brody was trying to kiss her... OK so you get the point we really had a great time.. Sorry for rambling it was just so much fun to be able to spend a weekend with our family ... it is very rare that we do so much together in one weekend...with Josh working every other weekend it's very few and far between to have this much fun in one weekend...Brody and I miss Josh very much on the weekends he is working so when he is there we just go non stop.

Well I think that's all for now... I do have pics I need to post.

One more thing -- I go Wed to find out if Brody is going to have a brother or sister...we are very excited to find out!!!