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Friday, February 6, 2009

18 wk check-up

Went to the Dr today just for my regular visit... FUN STUFF! I only gained 2 lbs --woohoo... I was worried I am really try to make sure I eat healthy and not over do it I don't want too much weight gain. Dr checked everything and we are on the right track...baby doing good and mom doing good.... I told the Dr how I have been having some major headaches and she recommended seeing a massage therapist..OH DARN.... and if that doesn't work we will figure something else out. I was also concerned with the way my stomach had been sore and she told me it was because I was lifting too much...my weight limit is 10-15 lbs ... HELLO ... my son weighs 32LB please explain this to him.... so I have to try very hard not to lift him too much...when he is screaming up momma up momma that's going to be hard but we will see what we can do. That's it for now... hope everyone had a great week...enjoy the weekend.