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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh so much fun at Christmas!

OK I know there are a ton of pics but I couldn't resist...He had SO much fun this Christmas and so did we....so here you go --- he got a new fishing vest for Christmas and once he opened it he just had to get his fishing pole out... LOL!

This is his horse Aunt Lisa and Uncle got him just happened to fit perfect in his new wagon that goes with his Tractor from Grammie and Grampie.

This was one of the funniest gifts....a leaf blower and he loves it!!! It is quite noisy but it's just hilarious watching him !!

His new rocking horse papa made for him!

OK santa got Brody a 4 wheeler...we aren't talking no little tikes 4 wheeler a REAL gas powered 4 wheeler.... He got some riding gear to go with it..gloves (can't seem to get on his fat hands) shirt, goggles and a helmet(which is on back order till Jan). He loves it ... he calls it a bike. Since we didn't have his helmet he just wanted to wear his coon hat and glasses...he did not like wearing the goggles at all... he got to ride it for a bit but he can't really get going on it till that helmet comes in. Josh works for a guy who's son rides motocross and is sponsored by No Fear so we got a good deal on some nice gear. I see a dirt bike in the near future!

Brody got a new Dog book from the Myere Family..daddy was reading it to him.

This is him cheesing with Larry the lamb and then him modeling Aunt Sarah's new bra...HILARIOUS!! Sorry sis I couldn't resist.