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Monday, November 24, 2008

Dr's Appt & Busy weekend

Well I went to the Dr Friday pretty much just confirmed the pregnancy 7wks along- did several tests and took my blood...nothing really exciting just told me yeah you are pregnant see you in 5 weeks... so I don't go back till Dec 30th .. we should hear the heart beat that day so Josh is going with me.

We traveled to Yates Center this weekend for an early Thanksgiving with Josh's dad's side of the family. We ate till we couldn't eat anymore. It was a good time played lots of games and there were several kids for Brody to play with. His cousin Isaac loves to wrestle with him and it's hilarious.. Brody hasn't really learned how to defend himself yet but I am sure he will figure it out soon.

It's a short work week for me then time for Thanksgiving... we are going to Josh's mom's side of the family this year since we went to mine last year...since they are at the same time we have to alternate every other year. Josh has to work on the weekend but at least he is off thursday and friday.